Friday, 1 April 2016

The Complete Woman

Aside Ruth that desperately went after a man probably because she was a foreigner and if she didn't 'make wild' Boaz would choose a native hebrew woman over her, the Bible is full of men desperately going after a woman not the other way round.

Adam was looking for Eve. Isaac was searching for Rebeccah. Jacob was seeking for Rachel. David was hunting for Bethseda. Solomon was after the Queen of Sheba.

I wonder what these women were doing until their husbands found them. They were most probably living their lives and going about their normal daily activities like it was the norm for Rebeccah to always go fetch water at the well.

But in our days today, now it is we women that are desperately looking for life partners while the men go about their daily lives. Women are made to feel that we have to be all about marriage.

But in the Bible it is the men who were rather made to feel that way. It is not good for a man to be alone. For that reason a man will leave his father and mother and cling to the wife and the two will become one flesh. He who finds a wife finds a good thing. The glory of man is his wife. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. A good wife is a precious gift from God. Etc...etc

Over and over again in the Bible, men were made to aspire for marriage. Now we teach women to aspire to marriage and don't teach men the same. Who are the women going to marry then? Their fellow women?

Time was even taken to explain the criteria of the right woman in Proverbs 31. No where in the Bible was the same done for the right man.

For me all this means one thing. A man has more to gain in marriage than a woman does. So why then are women made to feel what does it profit a woman to gain the whole world and not find a man?

Enough of the pressures!!! You want your daughters to get married? Then teach your sons the importance of marriage.

When we meet a 35 year old single man, it is cool and we ask no questions. But we meet a 35 year old single lady and we start asking why. Why why? Who should marry her when you have been telling men to look for money and the women will come? When you've taught men to place women on the same level as their degree, their job,  their car and their house?

Meanwhile the Bible says the wife will be the helper, she will grant him access to favor, be his glory and his satisfaction.

But will you blame the men that much? For Isaac, Rebecca was worth a journey to a far land. For Jacob,  Rachel was worth working 14 years. David felt Bethseba was worth killing for.

As women let us ask ourselves: can a man look at us and feel we are worth till death do us part?

I believe in the full package woman. As women, we need to be spiritually beautiful,  physically attractive,  mentally sexy, intellectually gorgeous, financially pretty, emotionally elegant, morally hot, socially cute. We have to be the complete package.

Many a times, a man meets a woman and admires an aspect of her that attracts him to her. Sometimes it is her beauty, her commitment to the things of God, how she talks, her perspective on life etc. He then approaches her to get to know her better only to realise whatever he liked about her was not a reflection of her entire life. He is disappointed and walks away.

I am not referring to perfection which is unattainable.  I am rather referring to being a balanced woman. Work on all aspects of your life. Do not single one out and leave the rest.

You can be the most prayerful woman in the whole wide world but if you do not know how to care for people around you and show concern, the man will come and go away.

The woman described in Proverbs 31 was the complete package. The verses described her spiritual, financial, mental, emotional, social, physical life and more.

Live your life and improve on yourself. Rebeccah learnt hospitality and for that a man travelled miles for her.

Be better today than who you were yesterday. Be better tomorrow than who you are today. And by doing so you will be worth it for your husband. For that he will aspire to be with you. Because of that he will travel miles for you.

Enjoy your complete package life!  Wink!

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