Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Faith Without Works

Having once been a member of a charismatic church for over ten years, I have seen people shout amen to every prophecy that came down from the altar with sooooo much vim and soooo much excitement that I was looking forward to see their lives change in the near future but niet - same old person. On the other hand, I saw those whose amen were only loud enough for themselves to hear bear so much fruit that we saw them the following month/year sharing an amazing testimony of how they held on to a prophecy from the altar and with faith worked with it to get their miracle.

After all these years, it has become a Deja vu for me whenever I see banners of program tagged come and receive this and that and so on and so forth. For me it is a waste of time to go to these events and shout amen at the top of your voice and still go back home to your old ways and expect to see a change in your life, my dear it ain’t happening.

What you need right now is not a laying of hands because I remember when the pastor called for girls who want to get married to come to the altar, there was this rush that could have even led to a stampede mpo. Well as I am writing this, 90% of the girls who went are still single. That was like three years ago.

The thing is God does miracle not magic. Go through your Bible and you realize that everyone that God blessed played a very important role in receiving those blessings. God deals with us on a covenant basis, you do your part and God does his part. And that is where we get it wrong. We want God to do His part but then we do not want to do our part.

Get this: faith without works is dead, yep dead. Actually it is the action that you will take that will demonstrate the faith that you have and move God to act in your life. The reason God is not doing anything is because you are also not doing anything.

Prayer is a very powerful weapon but there is one thing that it can never replace and that is Hard Work. No matter how hard you pray, your prayers cannot move the angels to do your part of the covenant. Mostly the answers to our prayers are conditioned on some actions that we need to take.

For example, after asking God for a job, it is time to write that resume and cover letter and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit send your application to the right company and then watch God do His Wonders. That is how it works.

Don’t misunderstand me or get me wrong. Prophecies, prayers, faith are very important because they build you spiritually and their use is to empower you to go out and do signs and wonders knowing you have God's backing and approval. After all, the world is awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God. So what are you waiting for? Go on and let your light shine. Dassor!!!!

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